In it with you, paving the way to financial freedom for you, your family, and your business


For Liberty, being “in it with you” means that we have a vested interest in you as a person, and in understanding every part of your human experience. That is why we will use our understanding of human behaviors to create moments of connection and offer services and solutions that make us all feel more supported. Improving people’s lives by enabling their financial freedom is what we do.


The Liberty Mind My Money financial education programme is managed by experts who understand money and the ages and stages we each go through. We understand it is not easy, so we have come up with solutions, tips, insights, and resources to assist you on your way to becoming financially free and successful. But remember, we provide the tools for you to start an empowering journey towards fulfilling your dreams and building the wealth you want for your family. You provide your personal commitment.

There is no time like the present to invest in your future, so get started. Today.

Here’s to a future of health, wealth, and happiness.

The Liberty Mind My Money team